Domestic carpet cleaning for the easter holidays

The Easter holidays are one of the best times of year.

Not only do we get showered in all kinds of chocolate, we get a super long bank holiday weekend too. A chance to spend some time with the family and put the feet up, maybe watch a film or two. The only thing is, with the crazy pace of day-to-day living it’s often only at these times we have chance to tidy up the house.

No-one wants to work hard all week only to spend their 4 day bank holiday weekend working on the house.

…but easter is an important time to do it. With the arrival of easter and the equinox, our days get longer and this means we’re likely to start going out a bit more. Once you start heading out more often you might notice muck starts to build up on the carpet a bit more quickly. Not only that, but with flowers and trees starting to blossom that muck is going to include a whole load of pollen, irritating hay fever sufferers and setting off all manner of allergic reactions. To avoid this nasty build up, it might be time to give your carpets a proper deep clean.

Easter is an especially good time to give the place a thorough clean.

Especially if you haven’t had chance to do some proper Spring cleaning already. The remains of a dark and damp winter could still be lingering and it really is worth tackling it all in one go. You’ll be amazed at the difference a bright and fresh smelling home can make for your peace of mind. Plus, with the sun out a little more it’s always best to keep the house looking great for visitors who drop by after a long day in the park.

Still, if the Spring cleaning wasn’t done very thoroughly there might be quite an intimidating build up of cleaning jobs to tackle. There is one extremely easy and convenient way to tackle this; get the help of a professional!

At 4CityClean we offer both regular cleaning programmes and one off jobs.

So whether you already know us or not, we’re on hand to help. Domestic cleaning is our speciality, we use a range of professional grade equipment to deliver results way beyond what can be achieved with off-the-shelf goods. Our carpet cleaning machines reach deeper into the carpet to get rid of all the grime that regular vacuum cleaners cannot hope to touch. We’re also happy to sort out the rest; dusting, polishing, rug cleaning, oven, kitchen and bathroom cleaning.

If the build up of cleaning jobs is causing you stress, or maybe you just fancy putting your feet up, give 4CityClean a call. We’ve got the skills, knowledge and equipment to deliver outstanding results at wallet-friendly prices.

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