Professional carpet cleaning is a modern necessity – don’t cut corners with health issues

When 4CityClean Ltd began, carpet and upholstery cleaning was a very different business.

Services like these were seen as a luxury in many homes as people were happy to clean up stains as best they could and then strategically arrange coffee tables to hide the patches. However, now we are in an age where there have been so many technological breakthroughs it is hard to ignore the dangers that live within the fibres of our carpets.

Did you know we lose up to 1.5 grams of body skin cells everyday (which amounts to over one million cells)? That’s enough to feed roughly a million dust mites! These cells (or dust) land on our furniture, floors, shelves and settle in our homes. It is easy to see when a shelf needs dusting, but how can we tell when our upholstery or carpets need attention? Dust settles deep within the surface of fabric; trampled in more and more as your carpet is walked on. These dead skin cells are the perfect feast for dust mites and they are the cause of many problems in our homes today.

Dust mites are one of the most significant allergens for those suffering with in allergic asthma brought on by mite feces. There are some measures you can take to help control these allergic reactions, including:

  • Where possible replace carpets with hard flooring so the mites cannot embed deep into the foundations
  • Use a British allergy foundation approved vacuum with a HEPA filtration system
  • Dust with a damp cloth to pick up any surface dust
  • For more help see
  • Regularly have your carpets cleaned by a professional, as normal vacuuming will not have the suction required to fully rid fibres of these pests

Our technicians use the best equipment and chemicals, utilising hot water extraction- otherwise known as “Steam Cleaning”- to thoroughly clean the dirtiest carpets and rugs, leaving them clean and odour free. We test your carpet to determine the fibre type and then judge how to get you the best results – a level of service and professionalism that very few of our local and national competitors can even match. 4CityClean Ltd not only provide a high quality carpet and upholstery cleaning service but can also help with domestic cleaning tasks. To keep your family safe and healthy, give us a call today.

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