Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Makes All the Difference

Here at 4CityClean one of our most popular services is our carpet cleaning service.

Available to customers throughout the North of London, we pride ourselves on providing an outstanding carpet cleaning service. Making sure our customers are happy with our work is key. We go further than the competition to ensure that you get better value for money from our cleaning by providing results that last longer.

Many customers come to us having scrubbed away for hours on their hands and knees trying to remove spillages and marks from tired and lifeless carpets. Often, it’s not until plenty of time and money had been wasted that we hear from them and they’re generally pretty fed up by that point!

Without having spent time cleaning carpets professionally it can be difficult to get your head around what exactly it is that means a professional carpet cleaner can deliver results far beyond your average joe. After all, aren’t modern vacuum cleaners pretty much the best thing for a carpet?

Unfortunately not, it turns out. Don’t go throwing away your trusty Dyson just yet, plenty of vacuum cleaners are great at getting rid of the pesky dust that builds up throughout the home. What they fail to do however, is clean deep into the fibres of the carpet. Professional equipment uses heat and pressure to reach far deeper than the surface of a carpet, pulling up dust and dirt that has long since been trampled in. It’s this dust and dirt that leave a carpet flat, stale and lifeless.

Experience also counts for a lot with carpet cleaning. When you’re professionally cleaning multiple several carpets a day for several years, you tend to deal with pretty much every problem a carpet can have. Whether it’s removing an unusual type of food stain, fixing pilled fabrics or getting rid of stubborn smells, we’ve got the knowledge and the skill to identify the problem and use the best solution possible to tackle it. There’s no need to waste your time endlessly searching for the best way to solve your carpet conundrum, just pick up the phone to a pro and we’ll do the hard work for you.

If you have a household or a business in the London area and want a hand getting more from your carpets get in touch with the friendly team at 4CityClean. We operate right across the North of the city and offer both one-off services and regular contracted services which are particularly popular with our office and business carpet cleaning customers. Don’t waste your time and money cutting corners, get a professional in for better value results.

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