4 great tips for cleaning your home after the Summer holidays

Whether you go on a family holiday during the summer or not, chances are this is the time of year when your kids are going to be at home for the longest period of time. With the need to be entertained and no school to keep them busy, it is often your house that suffers the most! Keeping everything clean and tidy can become more difficult than usual when everything you do seems to be instantly undone! Here at 4CityClean we have some useful tips to help you get things back on track as the next school year begins and normal routines resume.

  1. Put your work in early – It’s easy for things to get out of control when the family are all back for summer, but keeping the level of tidiness in the house at a manageable level day to day will help alleviate headaches further down the line. Simple stuff like putting things away after they are used or making sure you clean up after your pets are very important, but remember to pace yourself, otherwise you might feel like you are perpetually cleaning up after children, animals and spouses, which might just get in the way of actually enjoying any time off you might have.
  2. Have your carpets professionally cleaned – This is one of the jobs you might want to leave until the end of the summer for some of the reasons described above, but since carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets are professionally cleaned at least once a year, the end of summer is a great time to get the professionals in. You should always carry out general maintenance such as hoovering, but without applying more advanced tools such as Hot Water Extraction machines used by experienced and trained individuals such as the technicians at 4CityClean, your carpets will become a haven for allergens such as pollen and bacteria, as well as other types of dirt trodden deep into the pile over time.
  3. Have your upholstery professionally cleaned – Again, this is a job that you might want to leave until the end of the summer if the house is likely to be more busy then. At 4CityClean we offer a fantastic upholstery cleaning service to customers across London. Just like your carpets, routine maintenance of your upholstery can only achieve so much, and having domestic furniture professionally cleaned once or twice a year will keep them in tip-top condition; making them last longer and protecting your investment. For most of us, having a pleasant environment you call home can really contribute to your overall happiness, making you much more productive in other parts of your life.
  4. Thoroughly clean your appliances! Appliances in the home are naturally going to be used more when there are more people around. The end of summer is a great time to clean out the stuff in your house that is used the most, like your fridge or oven. Focus on cleaning the often neglected condenser coil of your fridge to keep it running properly. When it comes to your oven, a reliable, professional service can be a great help if it’s looking the worse for wear. It is very common for people to neglect their ovens- hardly ever cleaning them- but over time this can impact what your food tastes like and might even become a health risk. Getting a professional clean from 4CityClean will help you to get back on track with maintaining that particular appliance, making it easier to clean in the future.

At 4CityClean we are very flexible and can schedule our work for a time that suits you best, whether it’s carpet, upholstery, oven cleaning or any of our other services you would like us to carry out. Sorting out these big jobs before you go back to a normal working schedule can be a big relief further down the line.

As the name suggests, 4CityClean Ltd. was created in 2001 to provide high quality cleaning services at competitive prices for homes and offices throughout the London area. Most of the work we get is based off our reputation so you can be sure that our technicians are always friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help. Our cleaners are thoroughly vetted and trained to a very high standard so you can relax in the knowledge that they will provide you with a first class service. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.


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