Kitchen Cleaning: Useful Tips

Dishwasher cleaning and odour removing: Before you commence the actual cleaning, spread some cleaning powder through the inside system of dish washer and keep it like that overnight. Then using a sponge, clean the entire inside of the appliance, removing all of the cleaning powder residues. Run a short cycle with the appliance empty. When finished leave the door open and make sure it dries out completely. The bad odour is caused by the appliance staying closed when wet. With soft cloth and multipurpose spray cleaner clean the outside of the appliance. You can buy one of the deodorisers for dishwashers – they are pretty good, especially those with lemon aroma.

Frying pan cleaning: To remove unwanted spots and oily stains from a frying pan, wipe clean with a dry kitchen towel all the food waste in your bin before washing it. When washing it use hot water, as hot as you can possibly stand, and plenty of washing up liquid.  If there are stains that will not go away only with the sponge and the washing up liquid use some baking soda and rub it with the sponge.  To keep your pans clean and nice and easy to wash make sure you clean them immediately after using them and always remove the food waste before washing them. If you don’t feel like cleaning them straight after cooking, soak them with hot water and washing up liquid until you decide to wash them. This will prevent the stains to dry and get harder to be cleaned.

Wash your Drainage system: sometimes drainage systems on your kitchen create a very disgusting smell along with scary and filthy blockage only because we don’t pay enough attention to it regularly.  And as we know prevention is always better than cure, all you need to do is once every two weeks put baking soda down the drain and pour white vinegar over it. . These ingredients will create a chemical reaction that will clean your drain and get rid of the nasty smells. Leave it overnight and wash out that drain passage with running water. Remember, every two weeks and you are very unlikely to get blockage or nasty odour coming out of your sink.

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