Rules of cleaning according to Feng Shui

Bad energy is stored in dusty and not aerated spaces and corners where ting have not been moved for long time. The presence of a lot of bad energy can even bring illness in the home. This can be changed with deep spring cleaning that all of us usually do. But to make sure it has a positive impact on the energy of your home it should be done following the Feng Shui rules for how to do the spring cleaning.

The first stage is he “air” stage – when weather outside gets warm you need to always let fresh air circulate in your home. Keep your windows and door open for as long as possible. The fresh air brings clean energy into your home.

The next stage is the “outer” stage. You need to start it with cleaning the windows because through them the clean energy enters your home. Then comes washing of the curtains and blinds. After that you need to wash the door which will let the fresh energy circulate around the house. The next important thing is the cleaning of the ceilings and floors – first you need to sweep or vacuum them, which is the dry part, and then wash them, which is the wet part. The last to clean in this stage is the furniture. You can either wipe it dry or wet – it is entirely up to you.

Then follows the “inner” stage. Here you clean the cupboards. Negative energy is stored in such places and that’s why it is important to take all things out of the cupboards and throw away all things you don’t need and then give it a good clean.

The last stage is the “green” stage. This is the care of all plants in the house. You need to wash all the leaves that can be washed and dust all the others. All plants that need to go in bigger pots should be moved.

Friends that have done their deep cleaning to these Feng Shui rules say that after a week they felt filled with positive energy. I hope this works for you as well.

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