Spring cleaning tips and advice from 4CityClean – your local central London based cleaning company

With Winter firmly behind us it is it time to say goodbye to those warm stuffy rooms, short dark days and prepare your home for a great summer. Spring cleaning is a great way to tackle those big cleaning chores that we lack motivation to do during the winter. Getting those windows open and welcoming some fresh air to breath into our homes feels long overdue. Although the traditional reasons for a home Spring clean, such as the dust that coal and oil burning fires leave, no longer exist in the same way, many people find it a great way to prepare for the season ahead.

It is important to remember that over the Summer months we often spend more time walking barefoot, and although that seems better than traipsing muddy boots through the house it still poses problems for keeping your carpets clean and dust free. As well as the the dirt we can see,the higher temperatures are perfect for releasing airborne allergens and pollens, as well as harmful petrochemicals. The products you have in the cupboard are often not up to the job of removing tough stains but especially the things you can’t see. We get effective results for you.

At 4CityClean we can help give your carpet a deep clean to remove particles, bacterias and prevent dust, which will improve the indoor air quality in your home. We use several methods to keep these pollutants out of your home – and with all our services you can rely on exceptional results, quick drying and no rapid re-soiling which can occur from soapy residues left by those companies with inadequate equipment that don’t have the vacuum suction that our equipment has. After initially vacuuming the area we brush away any marks and pre-treat stains and tough marks. We then inject a mix of water and biodegradable chemical to release the dirt from the internal fibres of your carpet so you can feel confident you are starting the summer off on the right foot!

Whatever your home or business cleaning requirements, from a quick spring clean to a full house cleaning from top to bottom with carpet and upholstery deep cleaning we can help deliver this service to you safely and conveniently, so please contact us for a quote today.

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