A domestic cleaner can fix the mess kids make

Why September is the ideal time to hire a domestic cleaner

London enjoyed some beautiful weather these last few months, did you make the most of your summer? September is finally here, but don’t panic, we’ve still got a good few weeks to enjoy London’s parks and outdoor attractions before autumn truly takes hold. The onset of September also means the kids go back to school, no doubt restoring a temporary sense of calm in your home. This is why September is the ideal time to hire a domestic cleaner.

With the kids back at school you might have spotted one or two spots around the house where things are looking a little worse for wear. The carpets and sofa may have been transformed into an art-board, the kitchen table may have been used as a giant plate, or perhaps the hall has started to resemble an obstacle course of toys.

It’s no wonder then, that this time of year can be one of the best times for people living in London to hire a domestic cleaning service to put everything back how it should be. When all the little jobs mount up in this way, getting it all sorted out can be a bit of a daunting prospect, but a domestic cleaner can help.

By hiring a domestic cleaner to tidy up your home after the school holidays, you’ll enjoy loads of benefits and restore a sense of calm. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages our services offer that our customers love:

Save time

Taking on the mammoth challenge of cleaning up the kid’s mess yourself could take the best part of a day, maybe longer. Do you really want to be doing that whilst the sun is still shining outside? When you hire a professional cleaner you free up hours of your own time. You could use this time to take the dog for a walk, get the shopping done or catch up with some friends. Don’t forget, professional cleaners do this for a living, so not only will they save you time, they’ll also get the job done much quicker than you too.

Save money

Those who have never hired a professional domestic cleaner in London could be forgiven for thinking that they could save money by doing the work themselves. However, once you add up the cost of going to the supermarket, working out what specialist products you need to treat the stains with and the hours spent scrubbing, it always works out more economical to hire a pro. Our cleaners are trained, so they know which products to use on every mark, stain, scuff and spill they find, which means no more money wasted on off the shelf products that don’t work.

Get better results

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority, so our teams use all of their cleaning expertise and skill to clean homes to standards far higher than what your average joe is able to achieve. Thanks to our cleaning teams our customers enjoy better looking and longer lasting results than can be achieved with a DIY approach. With the kids now spending a little less time at home, your professionally tidied house could potentially stay that way for several weeks or even months. Our cleaners don’t just settle for results, they push for outstanding ones.

Professional cleaning for London, with staff you can trust

If you’re new to professional cleaning or have not worked with us before, rest assured that all of our domestic cleaners are thoroughly vetted before they are sent to our customers homes. Each one is checked for competency, trained for the work they carry out and can speak fluent English. Our domestic cleaning customers also get the same cleaner every time for extra security and familiarity. If you think we can help get the house sorted now the kids are back at school get in touch today for a free quote for our excellent value domestic cleaning service in London.

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