The flooring in my office is unique, can you clean it without damage?

Many of our clients operate high end offices in the city, so we’re quite used to working with expensive and unique flooring. If you’re not entirely sure what type of floor you have simply get in touch with and image or description and we’ll ensure our cleaning teams arrive with most appropriate gear for the…

My upholstery is custom-made from a unique material, can you clean it?

We have worked as professional cleaners for many years and have cleaned many  different types of upholstery. Let us know a little more about what it is you need and we will come up with the best cleaning solution for you. If you’re unsure exactly what material it is you have, why not send us over…

How quickly can you arrive?

If you have an urgent need for our cleaning services we will do all we can to expedite our arrival. Discuss this with our friendly team and we will see what we can do.

Can you remove all stains from upholstered furniture?

It is impossible to guarantee 100% removal of all stains, but there is a much better chance of removing the stain if it has not already been treated with something. Many of our customers in Camden and the rest of London have been impressed with what we can achive with our stain removal service.

How long will my upholstery take to dry afterwards?

When using our upholstery cleaning service in London, we recommend you leave at least 24 hours for your upholstery to fully dry. We will endeavour to extract as much water as possible but you should also leave your furniture in a well ventilated room once we have completed the upholstery cleaning service to help the…

Can you clean very old or badly stained upholstery?

Yes. We have trained our staff fully so that they can identify marks and get the best results from our upholstery cleaning in London. Upholstery that has seen a lot of wear and tear from families and pets can often be restored to almost new. Although we will always try our best, some very severe stains may…

Do you charge per hour or per job?

It depends on the specific requirements of the job. If you call 4CityClean in Camden and tell us your upholstery cleaning requirements we will happily give you a free, no obligation quote.