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Welcome to 4CITYCLEAN Cleaning Services

High quality cleaning services for homes & offices across London


Established 2001 we have over a decade of experience service clients across London.


Our cleaners are reliable and experienced and we can provide verifiable references on request.


Our skilled cleaning technicians can clean carpets & upholstery with amazing results.

Our top priority is customer satisfaction,

so let us make sure we provide it for you as one of our many valued customers.

About us

4CITYCLEAN Ltd. was first established to provide high quality cleaning services at competitive prices for homes and offices throughout the London area. Our cleaners are thoroughly vetted and trained to a very high standard so you can relax in the knowledge that they will provide you with a first class service. The company is also fully covered by all the relevant insurance policies.

So, whether you’re a householder or business owner, look no further than 4CITYCLEAN. We really can provide the complete solution to all your cleaning problems and we’re just a phone call away. Call us now for a no obligation quote and a discussion about how we can help you. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, so let us make sure we provide it for you as one of our many valued customers.

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Winter is finally over! Bring on the longer days and the warmer weather. Do you call it Spring, or do you call it the start of summer? Ok, maybe we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves… But Spring is a wonderful time of year. With more hours of daylight we can start to spend a…

Domestic carpet cleaning for the easter holidays

The Easter holidays are one of the best times of year. Not only do we get showered in all kinds of chocolate, we get a super long bank holiday weekend too. A chance to spend some time with the family and put the feet up, maybe watch a film or two. The only thing is,…

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning for the end of Winter

At 4CityClean we have all the equipment and know-how to keep your business or venue in top shape throughout the year with our commercial carpet cleaning service. Winter can be a particularly difficult period when it comes to maintaining carpets, so now is the ideal time to book a clean. Being a cold, dark, damp…